A shock absorber is essential to provide safety and comfort while driving because it ensures proper contact between the vehicle’s tires and the road surface. Bremsi shock absorbers have been chosen with accurate precision by the best factories through selection processes with the highest quality standards.

It is important to choose a quality shock absorber to have a fundamental driving component that is reliable, long-lasting and functional, in fact, it includes: the reduction of braking distances, the control of vehicle rebound, the reduction of tire wear and the reduction of the risk of deterioration of other components. It is therefore recommended to replace the shock absorbers every 80,000 kilometers or every 4 years.

New Bremsi shock absorbers reduce braking distance, stabilize the car’s axis, maintain road holding and improve the driving experience. In combination with the Bremsi braking system, an incomparable solution is created. All products are developed and tested to offer you the best performance by using them together.